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What you get:

This is a 6-7 Month Program that includes 6 consults (Initial consultation + 5 follow-up consultations)

Initial Consultation: 90 minutes

  • Review prior Health History Questionnaire and Signs/Symptoms Questionnaire (these are to be submitted to me at least 1 week prior to appointment along with a signed contract and liability waiver)

  • Establish Top 5 Health Concerns

  • Review Blood Chemistry Panel

  • Review Bioresonance Scan

  • Personalized Wellness Plan using the DESTRESS™ Protocol and "Pathway to Healthy" as framework

  • Foundational Protocol PDF Tailored To You

Maintenance Consults ×5: 45 minutes

  • Reevaluate signs/symptoms and any changes

  • Discuss any concerns

  • Establish 3 "Wellness Wins" since last consult

  • Make changes as necessary (this is bio-individualized)

  • Recommend additional Functional Medicine Testing as necessary

  • PDF copy of Wellness Plan

I can only guide you and support you throughout this journey. 

This is an investment in your health and the first step is making the decision to change. 

*You will receive unlimited email support, encouragement and weekly check-ins throughout the program, and PDF copies of any literature or guide that is helpful to your specific needs.

Your journey starts now! 

*Cost includes Blood Chemistry Panel and Bioresonance Scan. It does not include any recommended supplements. Cost for those will vary based on needs between consults. Access to additional Functional Medicine Testing at cost. 

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